With Pool Seekers, Boost Mobile came back to their action sports roots and worked with a legacy athlete, professional BMX rider Rick Thorne. Rick came to us with an idea for a series that took us on a trip through some of Southern California's iconic backyard pools.
The series, entitled “Pool Seekers,” is a 2 Season bonanza inviting viewers to tag along with Rick and crew as they set out on a mission to “drain em all.” Season 1 drops into locations like Nude Bowl and Pala Pool with a cast ranging from skate legends Tony Hawk and Steve Salba to BMX icon Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. Season 2 saw the team hit the road deeper  into Las Vegas, Phoenix and Central California. 
The series, published through Boost Mobile’s social channels and the “Pool Seekers” cast of influencers handles, was a ride built to create awareness and affinity for the Boost Mobile brand. It was important to leverage relatable content, through Rick’s vision, to speak to our millennial target and create the perception that “Boost Mobile is a brand for people like me.” 
The series garnered 1M+ total social impressions and 27K+ total social actions over 9 episodes (2 Seasons) from distribution through Boost Mobile's social platforms and influencer channels. 
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